Is Your Customer Care Process Painful?

  • Can your customers start a meaningful conversation with you, in real-time, on the channel of their choice? Is it easy for them to tell you they are unhappy, ask questions, make recommendations or give you compliments? Are you and your customer care team listening to them?
  • As a Customer Care Manager can you confidently manage their expectations in real-time? Can you address their queries in the fastest turnaround time using the right accountable resources … without going on another recruitment drive?
  • Can you tactically tag customer conversations to derive meaningful insights, for effective decision-making and action to ultimately improve your service delivery?
  • Can you effectively turn challenges into opportunities and speedily perform damage control to retain and delight your customers?
  • Do you have real-time visibility on your performance against applicable industry standards in one place?


As a Customer Care Manager, we have the solution for you.

Turn your Customer Care Pain into performance and compliance with delight!

Introducing Caredeck, an award-winning solution developed by CRM experts with a proven track record and years of relevant industry experience.

Master your Customer Relations with our cloud-based CRM solution, designed to provide you with all the tools you need to address typical communication challenges, in real-time.

Minimise risk and effectively forecast growth with our cost-effective solution, created for growing businesses like yours.

Manage Multiple Channels of Communication Effectively

How Can Caredeck Help Your Business?

User Friendly

Setup is easy! Our Caredeck Task Team starts by fully understanding your correspondence configuration requirements, turnaround times and business engagement rules. We’ll then assist you to set up Caredeck in a way that best services your team’s needs.

Secure Access

Securely access Caredeck anywhere, anytime, on any device. Predefined usage roles and permissions ensure that you have full administrative control over the Caredeck features and functions made available to your Customer Care Team. Your data is hosted securely online, in the cloud.

Customer Communication Channel

Customers can communicate with your brand by their most convenient channel of communication, including your corporate website, intranet, mobi portal, SMS, and email. With a simple query capture form, you can service walk-in and point-of-sale clients. We can also develop additional channel plug-ins based on your bespoke requirements.

Real-Time Client Interaction

Client expectation is managed in real-time using reference numbers and ongoing status updates, safeguarding brand perception. The Care Centre Console is the heart of the system, and it is here where all your customer communication is collated, visibly presented and managed.

Reporting Tools

The Caredeck Reporting Centre provides dashboard views of your performance and compliance. View the number of queries received and where they originated from. Gain insight into the channels of communications your customers are using, and view brand sentiment across various platforms.

Trending Analysis

The true power of Caredeck lies in its ability to trend your conversations. Effectively deal with any reoccurring or prevalent issues or queries, removing any customer pain points and improving customer satisfaction and retention.



Personalised Colour-Coding

Colour-code query types according to preference, then view and filter them visually.

Message Tagging

View and effectively react to any trending subjects within your queries or complaints, correcting problem areas in real-time.

Measurement & Trending

Track and measure all queries received through the Caredeck console, allowing you to effectively map company and individual performance over time.


Hold your team accountable for handling queries within compliance standards with the Caredeck clock, a timer that begins the second a query is received.


Historical Tracking

Access your entire customer correspondence history, empowering your care agents to optimally interact with your customers, fully aware of any prevailing or previous issues.


Personalise your Caredeck solution according to your Corporate Identity.

What Do Our Caredeck Customers Say?

Tile Africa

NXT\ Digital Innovation configured and deployed Caredeck  for Tile Africa in early 2014 and it enabled us to measure trends in communication with our brand across multiple channels.

Caredeck further enabled us to generate and track leads, improving internal ownership and closing-rates. The results are amazing!

Debra Retief

Marketing Manager


We are extremely happy with the implementation of Caredeck for Airports Company South Africa and it has taken us to the next level in Customer Care and Support. The ongoing innovation and support from the team at NXT\ Digital Innovation are nothing short of world-class.

Claudia Ramsden

ACSA Group Customer Care Manager

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